What is a Pre-Shipment Check?

When 80% of your order is completed, or you want 100% of the product to be ready for this inspection, the Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) is also known as the Final Random Inspection. Our qualified engineers choose random samples from finished goods in accordance with accepted international statistical standards. We will review and test your product comprehensively, ensuring that the product meets the agreed specifications.


What do we check during a Pre Shipment Inspection?

The PSI includes a full report on final quantities, order information, quantity available, packaging and packing methods, label and marking, style and color, workmanship, appearance, function, construction, size and measurement, assembling, assortment, safety, reliability, internal testing and other specified requirements from clients. And compliance with AQL (acceptable quality levels).


Why should I Pre Shipment Inspection?

Iinspections allow you to determine the overall quality of your order, and determine the need to issue corrective actions before any products leave the factory. Indo-Inspection will dispatch an expert team of QC inspectors to the factory to inspect your merchandise based on international standards and your requirements.


What is During Production Inspection ?

During Production Inspections (DUPRO) will identify any problems at the beginning of the manufacturing cycle, When around 10% -20% of production is finished, we will check the quality from the beginning of the poeses namely semi-finished / finished products, packaging to ensure quality according to your needs and buyer Requirements.


What do we check during Production Inspections?

We examine, evaluate and report on the quality of semi-finished and finished goods (AQL) and production planning. Dupro allows you to confirm that quality, functionality, appearance, workmanship quality, size measurement, weight checking, various functions, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing & testing, special requirements and other factors are maintained throughout the production process up to your specifications.


Why should I Book During production (Dupro) ?

You will receive a report containing information about production flow, equipment use, production capacity, and any potential issues or bottlenecks all in an easy to understand format. After reviewing the findings with you, we will help you take any necessary corrective or preventative actions, ensuring that next-steps are understood and implemented by factory management.


What is Container Loading Check

CLC is loaded into your container before signing the final payment and completion of the final step, our qualified technicians will closely monitor the loading process and ensure correct cargo handling, to ensure the final details of your product are correct, this includes evaluating the condition of shipping containers, verifying product information , number loaded, packaging compliance, and supervision of the entire loading process.


What do we check during the Container Loading Check?

We check quality, packaging list, container conditions, the process of loading, packaging & packaging of your products. and help manufacturers complete loading under the correct and clear work and work process clauses.


Why do I have to choose this Container Loading Check?

Indo-Inspection go on-site at the factory, port, or other third party logistics area to ensure that your goods are handled with care throughout the shipment process. We help protect you from theft, mishandling, and incorrect loading of your goods. You receive detailed reporting with photos that trace the movement and handling of your goods.

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